About Shea Growers Africa

We provide ethically sourced, sustainably cultivated organic shea butter. As native Ghanaians with close ties to our home, we are able to bring you the finest Shea Butter available in the United States.

What is Shea Butter?
Shea Butter is a generations old beauty secret from West Africa. 
It is most often used as a lotion or ingredient or lotions on skin and hair care products. 

How is Shea Butter made? 
We use an ancient process, honed over centuries of Shea Butter production in West Africa.
Harvesters pick pods filled with shea nuts, which are dried, crushed, and roasted and then ground into a paste which is roasted again until they are ready to be emulsified, boiled, and strained into the semi-solid form you receive. Our product is shipped directly from Ghana to the United States and then to your doorstep.  

What makes ours different? 
We source our butter fairly and sustainably. 
Exploitative labor practices still exist today in West Africa. Unlike other companies, we work directly with a collective of self-employed farmers guaranteeing fair wages and safe working conditions. By working sourcing directly from farms, we cut out middlemen, assure transparency, and ensure that the price of our product goes directly back into the region. 

Our Product
Our Shea butter comes in two colors and arrives in its purest form. 
We offer two raw forms of Shea Butter, Ivory and Gold.  Gold Shea Butter contains root from a Borututu Tree which has detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Ivory Shea Butter is raw and unrefined without added roots.
All of our Shea Butter is in its purest form and ready for use. Because our butter is unrefined it can serve as an important ingredient in homemade lotions or mass produced products. However, we like to take the butter and use it directly on our skin. Simply to take a small chunk, rub it between your hands for a few seconds for it to melt and then moisturize your skin directly. 
Our Promise to You
We promise that our product is unrefined without any additives, coloring, preservatives. 
We promise that we engage in ethical sourcing, production, and shipping practices. 
We guarantee that our product is exactly as described, if you should receive an unsatisfactory product, we will provide a full refund.*


*Refunds can only be performed within 30 days of purchase date, exchanges are available within 30 days of purchase but require the return of the defective product. Email us with questions and inquiries.